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The Comparative Toxicities of Four Phenylurea Herbicides in Several Soil Types

  • T. J. Sheets (a1)


The herbicides, 3–(p–chlorophenyl)–1,1–dimethylurea (monuron) and 3–(3,4–dichlorophenyl)–1,1–dimethylurea (diuron), have been widely accepted as selective soil applied herbicides; they are now used in a number of crops and under a wide range of soils and climatic conditions. Their extreme residual herbicidal activity contributes to their success as residual pre-emergence herbicides and as semipermanent soil sterilants.



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The Comparative Toxicities of Four Phenylurea Herbicides in Several Soil Types

  • T. J. Sheets (a1)


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