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Weed Control and Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Yield with Banded Herbicides and Cultivation

  • Robin R. Bellinder (a1), Jonathan J. Kirkwyland (a1), Russell W. Wallace (a1) and Jed B. Colquhoun (a1)


Experiments compared the effect on weed control and potato yield of banded applications of metolachlor plus linuron with or without flex-tine, rolling, and shovel cultivation prior to hilling. Cultivation without banded herbicide resulted in greater prehilling in- and between-row weed densities and reduced late-season weed control as compared to broadcast herbicides or cultivation with banded herbicides. Although the flex-tine and rolling cultivators were expected to provide improved in-row weed control, there were few differences between these and the other cultivation implements. Despite reduced weed control with cultivation alone, potato yields were not reduced.


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Current address: BioWorks, 122 North Genesee Street, Geneva, NY 14456
Current address: Horticulture Department, University of Wisconsin, 1575 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706



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Weed Control and Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Yield with Banded Herbicides and Cultivation

  • Robin R. Bellinder (a1), Jonathan J. Kirkwyland (a1), Russell W. Wallace (a1) and Jed B. Colquhoun (a1)


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