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Uptake, Translocation, and Metabolism of Root Absorbed Sulfentrazone and Sulfentrazone plus Clomazone in Flue-Cured Tobacco Transplants

  • Loren R. Fisher (a1), Ian C. Burke (a2), Andrew J. Price (a3), W. David Smith (a1) and John W. Wilcut (a1)...


Research was conducted to evaluate root uptake, translocation, and metabolism of 14C-sulfentrazone alone or in a mixture with clomazone in solution in flue-cured tobacco transplants. Uptake and translocation of sulfentrazone was rapid and was not affected by the addition of clomazone. Fifty-nine and 65% of the 14C absorbed by the plant was translocated to the leaves within 24 h with sulfentrazone alone and in the clomazone plus sulfentrazone mixture, respectively. Differences in plant metabolism were observed between sulfentrazone alone and sulfentrazone plus clomazone. After 3 h, 66% of the 14C recovered from the leaves was metabolized when sulfentrazone was applied alone, compared to 91% when sulfentrazone was applied with clomazone. The difference could indicate that metabolism of sulfentrazone by tobacco transplants was enhanced by the presence of clomazone.


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