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Synergism of Grass Weed Control with Postemergence Combinations of SAN 582 and Fluazifop-P, Imazethapyr, or Sethoxydim

  • Robert C. Scott (a1), David R. Shaw (a1), Randall L. Ratliff (a2) and Larry J. Newsom (a2)


Greenhouse and field experiments were conducted to evaluate early postemergence (POST) tank mixtures of SAN 582 with fluazifop-P, imazethapyr, or sethoxydim. In the greenhouse, SAN 582 synergistically improved barnyardgrass, broadleaf signalgrass, and johnsongrass control from imazethapyr and sethoxydim. Half-rates of imazethapyr and sethoxydim tank-mixed with SAN 582 controlled grass weeds as well as full rates of either herbicide applied alone. Grass weed control with imazethapyr increased up to 40% with the addition of SAN 582. In field experiments, SAN 582 increased grass control with imazethapyr to a lesser degree than observed in the greenhouse. In a multispecies study, grass weed control increased up to 15% when SAN 582 was tank-mixed with a reduced rate of imazethapyr, although the full rate of imazethapyr applied POST with or without SAN 582 controlled grass weeds 80% or less. The combination of SAN 582 with sethoxydim was synergistic for barnyardgrass and johnsongrass control in this experiment. When applied POST in soybean, SAN 582 plus fluazifop-P or sethoxydim controlled barnyardgrass throughout the season better than a single POST application of a graminicide.



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Synergism of Grass Weed Control with Postemergence Combinations of SAN 582 and Fluazifop-P, Imazethapyr, or Sethoxydim

  • Robert C. Scott (a1), David R. Shaw (a1), Randall L. Ratliff (a2) and Larry J. Newsom (a2)


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