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Sulfentrazone for Weed Control in Soybean (Glycine max)

  • Ronald F. Krausz (a1), George Kapusta (a1) and Joseph L. Matthews (a1)


Field studies were conducted over 4 yr to evaluate weed control and soybean injury with sulfentrazone applied preplant incorporated or preemergence alone and in combination with imazaquin, metribuzin, or cloransulam. Sulfentrazone at 280 g ai/ha controlled yellow nutsedge, common waterhemp, ivyleaf morningglory, and velvetleaf 92 to 100% 56 days after planting (DAP). At 420 g/ha, sulfentrazone controlled giant foxtail 80 to 94% 21 DAP. Sulfentrazone controlled common ragweed 17 to 93% and common cocklebur 57 to 91%. Giant foxtail, common cocklebur, and common ragweed control with sulfentrazone at lower rates was improved with the addition of metribuzin or cloransulam. Sulfentrazone caused no visual soybean injury and did not reduce yield compared with standard herbicides.



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Sulfentrazone for Weed Control in Soybean (Glycine max)

  • Ronald F. Krausz (a1), George Kapusta (a1) and Joseph L. Matthews (a1)


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