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Rice Response to Clomazone as Influenced by Application Rate, Soil Type, and Planting Date

  • John H. O'Barr (a1), Garry N. McCauley (a2), Rodney W. Bovey (a3), Scott A. Senseman (a1) and James M. Chandler (a1)...


Clomazone is an effective herbicide widely used for PRE grass control in rice. However, use of clomazone on sandy textured soils of the western Texas rice belt can cause serious rice injury. Two field experiments at three locations were conducted in 2002 and 2003 to determine the optimum rate range that maximizes barnyardgrass and broadleaf signalgrass control and minimizes rice injury across a wide variety of soil textures and planting dates. At Beaumont (silty clay loam), Eagle Lake (fine sandy loam), and Ganado (fine sandy loam), TX, PRE application of 0.34 kg ai/ha clomazone applied to rice planted in March, April, or May optimized barnyardgrass and broadleaf signalgrass control and rice yield while minimizing rice injury. Data suggest that, although injury might occur, clomazone is safe to use in rice on sandy textured soils.


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Rice Response to Clomazone as Influenced by Application Rate, Soil Type, and Planting Date

  • John H. O'Barr (a1), Garry N. McCauley (a2), Rodney W. Bovey (a3), Scott A. Senseman (a1) and James M. Chandler (a1)...


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