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Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Yields and Weed Populations in Conventional and Reduced Tillage Systems

  • Russell W. Wallace (a1) and Robin R. Bellinder (a1)


Linuron, metribuzin, oryzalin, and dinoseb were evaluated for weed control in conventional (CT) and rye-stubble reduced-tillage (RT) systems for potatoes. Early season control of weeds was equivalent for all herbicides in both tillage systems. In 1985, redroot pigweed populations were significantly greater in RT than in CT control plots. Populations of common lambsquarters were equivalent, regardless of the tillage system. In 1986, the rye mulch reduced early emergence of both species in untreated RT plots when compared to the untreated CT controls. During both seasons, potato stands decreased 16% with RT. In 1985, total yields did not differ between tillage systems; however, in 1986, total potato yields in RT plots decreased an average of 22% compared to yields in CT plots.



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Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Yields and Weed Populations in Conventional and Reduced Tillage Systems

  • Russell W. Wallace (a1) and Robin R. Bellinder (a1)


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