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Interference of Two Kyllinga Species (Kyllinga nemoralis and Kyllinga brevifolia) on Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) Growth

  • Osamu Kawabata (a1), Roy K. Nishimoto (a1) and Chung-Shih Tang (a2)


The influence of green kyllinga and white kyllinga on common bermudagrass growth was compared by planting one to three green or white kyllinga rhizomes with two bermudagrass stolons. White kyllinga reduced bermudagrass shoot fresh weight to 56% of the control, but green kyllinga did not reduce bermudagrass shoot fresh weight significantly. Increased planting densities of both kyllinga species linearly increased kyllinga shoot fresh weight and decreased bermudagrass shoot fresh weight similarly. White kyllinga produced more leaf fresh weight, leaf area, and roots and rhizomes than green kyllinga, which produced more shoots and inflorescences.



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