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Herbicide Combinations in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

  • W. James Grichar (a1) and Thurman E. Boswell (a1)


When tank mixed with certain boadleaf-selective herbicides, fluazifop {(+)-2-[4-[[5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinyl] oxy] phenoxy] propanoic acid}, sethoxydim {2-[1-(ethoxyimino)butyl]-5-[2-(ethylthio)propyl]-3-hydroxy-2-cyclohexen-1-one}, haloxyfop {2-[4-[[3-chloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinyl] oxy] phenoxy] propanoic acid}, and fluazifop-P {(R)-2-[4-[[5-trifluoromethyl)-2-pyridinyl] oxy] phenoxy] propanoic acid} were less effective in controlling two annual grasses, Texas panicum (Panicum texanum Buckl. #3 PANTE) and large crabgrass [Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop. # DIGSA]. These herbicides were applied alone or were combined with the broadleaf-selective herbicides bentazon {3-(1-methylethyl)-(1H)-2,l,3-benzothiadiazin-4(3H)-one-2,2-dioxide} and/or 2,4-DB [4-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)butanoic acid]. The herbicide combinations controlled smooth pigweed (Amaranthus hybridus L. # AMACH) and yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus L. #CYPES). Increasing the rates of the grass-selective herbicides in the mixture reduced the adverse effects of 2,4-DB or bentazon.



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Herbicide Combinations in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

  • W. James Grichar (a1) and Thurman E. Boswell (a1)


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