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Germination and Root Growth of Two Noxious Weeds as Affected by Water and Salt Stresses

  • Gary Kiemnec (a1) and Larry Larson (a2)


Hoary cress germination decreased with lower osmotic potential. Knapweed germination was greatest at 0.0 and −0.5 MPa of osmotic potential. Salinity increases up to an electrical conductivity (EC) of 12 dS m-1 had no effect on germination of either species. Hoary cress and knapweed root growth were reduced by decreases in osmotic potential. Hoary cress root growth was not affected by increasing salinity up to an EC of 12 dS m-1. Knapweed root growth was reduced by the initial increase in salinity (4 dS m-1), but not by higher salt concentrations.



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Germination and Root Growth of Two Noxious Weeds as Affected by Water and Salt Stresses

  • Gary Kiemnec (a1) and Larry Larson (a2)


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