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Forage Quality of Glyphosate-Resistant Alfalfa as Influenced by Establishment Systems

  • S. Ann McCordick (a1), David E. Hillger (a1), Richard H. Leep (a1) and James J. Kells (a1)


Field studies were conducted in 2004 and 2005 in Michigan to determine the effect of seeding establishment method and weed control on forage quality of glyphosate-resistant alfalfa in the establishment year. Seeding methods included alfalfa only (clear-seeding) and alfalfa with a companion crop of oat (companion-seeding). Herbicide treatments included an untreated control and glyphosate treatment for both establishment systems, and either imazamox in the clear-seeding system or imazamox + clethodim in the companion-seeding system. The greatest differences among treatments in forage quality were observed at the first harvest in both establishment years. Results suggest high quality, productive alfalfa stands can be established utilizing glyphosate-resistant alfalfa in a clear seeding system.


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