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Efficacy of Reduced Sulfentrazone Rates Applied Preemergence with Metribuzin in Potato (Solanum tuberosum)

  • Pamela J. S. Hutchinson (a1), Daniel M. Hancock (a2) and Brent R. Beutler (a2)


Field trials were conducted with sulfentrazone at 53, 80, and 105 g ai/ha combined with 0, 420, and 560 g ai/ha metribuzin in a 3 by 3 factorial arrangement. Sulfentrazone and metribuzin combinations improved control of redroot pigweed, common lambsquarters, hairy nightshade, and volunteer oat compared with sulfentrazone applied alone. Kochia control was more than 90% regardless of metribuzin presence in the treatment. Sulfentrazone at 105 g/ha was needed for greater than 90% hairy nightshade control. Sulfentrazone alone or in combination with metribuzin did not provide greater than 89% volunteer oat control. Potato crop injury was less than 5% and total tuber yields increased as metribuzin rate increased from 0 to 560 g/ha, reflecting improved weed control as metribuzin rate increased.


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