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A Comparison of Flumioxazin and Rimsulfuron Tank Mixtures for Weed Control in Potato

  • Pamela J. S. Hutchinson (a1)


In 2004 and 2005, field research was conducted in Idaho to compare tank mixtures of flumioxazin at the 53 g ai/ha potato use rate with comparable tank mixtures of rimsulfuron at 26 g ai/ha for broad-spectrum weed control. Flumioxazin in two-way tank mixtures with metribuzin, EPTC, pendimethalin, S-metolachlor, or ethalfluralin provided greater than 90% hairy nightshade control, which was comparable with control by similar rimsulfuron two-way tank mixtures. Flumioxazin plus metribuzin or rimsulfuron were the only two-way mixtures with flumioxazin consistently providing 90% or greater redroot pigweed, common lambsquarters, and green foxtail control. Control of these weeds by any of the rimsulfuron two-way mixtures was almost always greater than 90%. Three-way tank mixtures containing flumioxazin or rimsulfuron controlled hairy nightshade, redroot pigweed, and common lambsquarters similarly, and control ranged from 89 to 100%. When metribuzin was not included with flumioxazin in three-way mixtures, control was 80 to 97% and not always comparable with the 89 to 100% control by similar rimsulfuron mixtures. Green foxtail control by flumioxazin or rimsulfuron three-way mixtures usually was similar and greater than 90%.


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