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Cheat (Bromus secalinus) Control in Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum) with Sulfonylurea Herbicides

  • Jacquelyn E. Driver (a1), Thomas F. Peeper (a1) and Jeffrey A. Koscelny (a1)


Ten field experiments were conducted in Oklahoma from 1988 to 1992 to evaluate chlorsulfuron plus metsulfuron (5:1 w/w) and triasulfuron for cheat control in winter wheat. Cheat control by chlorsulfuron plus metsulfuron at 18 and 26 g ai/ha varied from 0 to 81% and by triasulfuron at 18 and 30 g ai/ha from 0 to 60%. Grain yield was increased in four experiments and dockage was reduced in five experiments by both rates of chlorsulfuron plus metsulfuron.



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