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Broadleaf Weed Control and Potato Crop Safety with Postemergence Rimsulfuron, Metribuzin, and Adjuvant Combinations

  • Pamela J. S. Hutchinson (a1), Charlotte V. Eberlein (a2) and Dennis J. Tonks (a3)


The effects of postemergence rimsulfuron, metribuzin, and adjuvant combinations on potato crop safety and weed control were evaluated in field studies conducted at the University of Idaho Aberdeen Research and Extension Center in 1999 and 2000. Rimsulfuron at 26 g ai/ha plus metribuzin at 0, 140, or 280 g ai/ha was combined with nonionic surfactant (NIS), crop oil concentrate (COC), or methylated seed oil (MSO) in a 3 by 3 factorial with two controls. Under cool, cloudy conditions in 1999, initial ‘Russet Burbank’ potato injury was greater when metribuzin was included in the tank mixture than when rimsulfuron was applied alone, regardless of adjuvant. Under warmer conditions in 2000, however, adding MSO or COC to the tank mixture caused more injury than adding NIS. Rimsulfuron did not provide acceptable season-long common lambsquarters control in 1999 (76%) or in 2000 (88%), regardless of adjuvant. Rimsulfuron combined with metribuzin at 140 or 280 g/ha provided ≥95% common lambsquarters control both years, regardless of adjuvant. Among adjuvants, using MSO (1999 and 2000) or COC (2000) in the spray mixture improved common lambsquarters control compared with using NIS. Tuber yield and quality were not reduced as a result of metribuzin rate or adjuvant treatments either year compared with the weed-free control.


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∗ Publication 03738 University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station.



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