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Annual Grass Control by Glyphosate plus Bentazon, Chlorimuron, Fomesafen, or Imazethapyr Mixtures

  • Agustin E. Gimenez (a1), Alan C. York (a1), John W. Wilcut (a1) and Roger B. Batts (a1)


The isopropylamine salt of glyphosate at 420, 560, and 840 g ae/ha applied alone or mixed with the sodium salt of bentazon at 840 g ai/ha, chlorimuron at 9 g ai/ha, the sodium salt of fomesafen at 350 g ai/ha, or the ammonium salt of imazethapyr at 70 g ae/ha was evaluated for control of large crabgrass and broadleaf signalgrass. Neither grass was controlled by bentazon, fomesafen, or chlorimuron. Imazethapyr controlled large crabgrass and broadleaf signalgrass 30 and 72%, respectively, 3 weeks after treatment (WAT). Glyphosate at all rates controlled both grasses 100%. Control 3 WAT was unaffected by mixing bentazon, chlorimuron, fomesafen, or imazethapyr with glyphosate. Broadleaf signalgrass control 1 WAT was reduced 4 to 15% by mixing bentazon with glyphosate.



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