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Weed Control in Soybeans (Glycine max) with Reduced Rates of Postemergence Herbicides

  • Michael S. Defelice (a1), William B. Brown (a1), Richard J. Aldrich (a2), Barry D. Sims (a3), Dan T. Judy (a2) and David R. Guethle (a3)...


Field studies were conducted at three sites in Missouri in 1986 and 1987 to evaluate the performance of below-label rates of bentazon, acifluorfen, and chlorimuron tank mixed with sethoxydim and applied to soybeans 7 and 14 days after planting to evaluate broadleaf and grass weed control and weed seed production. Sequential applications of 0.25X-labeled rates of all three broadleaf herbicides tank mixed with 0.5X sethoxydim rates controlled giant foxtail, velvetleaf, and common cocklebur equivalent to one application of standard-labeled rates of the same tank mixes. Single applications of below-labeled rates of the postemergence herbicides did not control weeds, and soybean yields were not equal to sequential 0.25X or single full-rate treatments. A preemergence treatment of clomazone plus imazaquin applied at labeled rates controlled weeds, and soybean yields were equal to a handweeded check in both years at all test locations. Weeds survived and produced seed to reinfest the plots the following year unless nearly 100% control was achieved.



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Weed Control in Soybeans (Glycine max) with Reduced Rates of Postemergence Herbicides

  • Michael S. Defelice (a1), William B. Brown (a1), Richard J. Aldrich (a2), Barry D. Sims (a3), Dan T. Judy (a2) and David R. Guethle (a3)...


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