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Weed Control and Herbicide Tolerance in a Common Vetch-Oat Intercrop

  • Rafael Caballero (a1), Carmen Barro (a1), Carmen Alzueta (a1), Mercedes Arauzo (a1) and Pedro J. Hernaiz (a1)...


Field studies were conducted over 3 yr in central Spain to investigate the tolerance of common vetch and oat to some preemergence herbicides and their effects on weed control, forage yields, and botanical composition of the forage mixture. Pendimethalin was the only herbicide that injured common vetch. Pronamide and pronamide plus diuron injured oat by affecting plant emergence. Prevalent weed species were fumitory, henbit, and wild buckwheat. All herbicides provided more than 90% control of fumitory and most herbicides except pronamide provided more than 90% control of henbit relative to the untreated check. Wild buckwheat stands were reduced by isoxaben (68%), linuron (40%), prometryn (69%), pronamide (86%), and pronamide plus diuron (61%). More than 90% control of prostrate knotweed was achieved with isoxaben, pronamide, and terbutryn. Pronamide and pronamide plus diuron reduced forage yields and increased vetch in the forage. The untreated vetch and oat monocrop treatments showed the competitive advantage of oat over vetch and weedy species.



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Weed Control and Herbicide Tolerance in a Common Vetch-Oat Intercrop

  • Rafael Caballero (a1), Carmen Barro (a1), Carmen Alzueta (a1), Mercedes Arauzo (a1) and Pedro J. Hernaiz (a1)...


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