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Strigol Analogs as Germination Regulators in Weed and Crop Seeds

  • Armand B. Pepperman (a1) and Judith M. Bradow (a1)


Twelve analogs of the strigol D-ring (butenolides) were evaluated at 0.1 mM as germination regulators of 26 weed and crop seeds. In general, the butenolides either inhibited or did not affect monocot germination, although the hydroxybutenolide stimulated germination of dormant cheat and nondormant perennial ryegrass and sorghum seeds. The response rate for dicots was greater but still primarily inhibitory. Dormant lettuce seeds (both light-sensitive and light-insensitive), Palmer amaranth, and redroot pigweed showed several significant responses, both inhibitory and stimulatory. Some of the butenolides that had not been previously assayed against witchweed were tested as 10-4 to 10-11 M dilution series. The allyloxybutenolide demonstrated activity comparable to strigol (30 to 60% germination at 10-6 to 10-11 M); the sec-butyloxybutenolide was somewhat less active (20 to 40% germination) but still effective at 10-9 M. In general, the butenolide analogs of strigol were less effective in stimulating seed germination than the multiring analogs.



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Strigol Analogs as Germination Regulators in Weed and Crop Seeds

  • Armand B. Pepperman (a1) and Judith M. Bradow (a1)


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