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Physiological basis for tolerance of four Zea mays hybrids to RPA 201772

  • Christy L. Sprague (a1), Donald Penner and James J. Kells (a1)


Greenhouse and laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the physiological basis for differential tolerance of four Zea mays L. hybrids to RPA 201772. Differences in Zea mays tolerance were quantified by determining the herbicide rate required to injure and reduce Z. mays height 50% (GR50). GR50 values indicated that the Z. mays hybrids ‘Pioneer 3751’ and ‘Pioneer 3737’ were less tolerant to RPA 201772 than the hybrids ‘Pioneer 3394’ and ‘Pioneer 3963.’ Experiments using 14C-RPA 201772 were conducted to determine if hybrid sensitivity was due to differential uptake, translocation, or metabolism of the herbicide. Differences in hybrid tolerance were primarily due to differential herbicide metabolism rates. The time required for 50% inactivation (T ½) of RPA 201772 was 42 and 52 h for the more tolerant hybrids and 66 and 93 h for the more sensitive hybrids. Increased uptake of RPA 201772 was also a contributing factor to the sensitivity of one of the hybrids.


Corresponding author

Corresponding author. Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1325;


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Physiological basis for tolerance of four Zea mays hybrids to RPA 201772

  • Christy L. Sprague (a1), Donald Penner and James J. Kells (a1)


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