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Oxadiazon Activity is Similar to That of p-Nitro-Diphenyl Ether Herbicides

  • Stephen O. Duke (a1), John Lydon (a1) and Rex N. Paul (a1)


Oxadiazon (10 μM) caused rapid, light-dependent membrane damage to cucumber cotyledon discs. Electrolyte leakage was detected within 1 h of exposure to light, as were cytoplasmic vesiculation and breakage of the tonoplast and plasmalemma. The ultrastructure of chloroplasts was not affected until the cytoplasm was dispersed. Photosynthetic inhibitors had no effect on activity and, after a period of dark incubation with oxadiazon, there was little effect of temperature on the light-caused membrane destruction. Porphyrin synthesis inhibitors (gabaculine and 4,6-dioxoheptanoic acid) almost completely prevented the herbicidal activity of oxadiazon. Oxadiazon treatment caused accumulation of protoporphyrin IX, a photodynamic pigment. Oxadiazon caused physiological effects on cucumber cotyledons that were virtually identical to those of p-nitro-diphenyl ether herbicides like acifluorfen and its methyl ester, which have recently been shown to also cause protoporphyrin IX accumulation.



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Oxadiazon Activity is Similar to That of p-Nitro-Diphenyl Ether Herbicides

  • Stephen O. Duke (a1), John Lydon (a1) and Rex N. Paul (a1)


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