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Edaphic Factors Affecting the Activity of Terbutryn

  • L. F. Figuerola (a1) and W. R. Furtick (a1)


Injury from 2-(tert-butylamino)-4-(ethylamino)-6-(methylthio)-s-triazine (terbutryn) was greater on winter wheat (Triticum aestivun Vill. ‘Host’) grown at high soil temperature than on that grown at low soil temperature. The injury was more severe when the herbicide was incorporated into the soil close to the root system. In postemergence applications 2-week-old plants were more susceptible to terbutryn injury than 4-week-old plants. High soil water content (75% to 100% of field capacity) favored the uptake of terbutryn through the root system. Terbutryn caused greatest damage under high transpiration rates and in sandy soils.



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Edaphic Factors Affecting the Activity of Terbutryn

  • L. F. Figuerola (a1) and W. R. Furtick (a1)


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