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Development of Isocitric Lyase Activity in Germinating Prickly Sida Seed

  • Bonnie J. Reger (a1) and E. Wayne Smith (a2)


Maximum activity of isocitric lyase (EC was reached at 24 hr incubation of afterripened (nondormant) prickly sida (Sida spinosa L.) seed. Enzyme activity declined gradually with incubation times in excess of 24 hr. Actinomycin D (Act D) at 5 μg/ml had essentially no effect on 24-hr germination but inhibited development of isocitric lyase activity 83%. Cycloheximide (CH) at 10 μg/ml inhibited 24-hr germination of punctured seed only 7% but inhibited development of isocitric lyase activity 76%. Seed incubated in water 12 hr before being transferred to Act D at 5 μg/ml for an additional 12 hr did not escape sensitivity to the antibiotic. Isocitric lyase activity was inhibited when assayed at 24 hr total incubation. In the reverse experiment, seed incubated in Act D 12 hr before being transferred to water, isocitric lyase activity at 24 hr was not affected. Apparently prickly sida seed lacked a performed mRNA for isocitric lyase and transcription and translation of the mRNA occurred shortly after initiation of radicle protrusion (~8 hr).



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Development of Isocitric Lyase Activity in Germinating Prickly Sida Seed

  • Bonnie J. Reger (a1) and E. Wayne Smith (a2)


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