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Broadleaf Signalgrass (Brachiaria platyphylla) Duration of Interference in Rice (Oryza sativa)

  • John T. McGregor (a1), Roy J. Smith (a1) and Ronald E. Talbert (a2)


Interference from broadleaf signalgrass at a density of 180 plants/m2 reduced rough rice yields of ‘Bond’ a maximum of 48% at 95 days after rice emergence and reduced yields of ‘Mars' a maximum of 21% from season-long interference. Interference durations of 40 days or longer reduced the panicles/m2, culms/m2, and plant height of rice. Straw dry weight of Bond and Mars was reduced 41 and 26%, respectively, from season-long interference. Increased durations of weed interference did not affect the number of spikelets/panicle, percent filled spikelets, rough kernel weight, or head rice yield of either cultivar. Broadleaf signalgrass produced less dry weight and fewer panicles/m2 when grown with Mars than with Bond.



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Broadleaf Signalgrass (Brachiaria platyphylla) Duration of Interference in Rice (Oryza sativa)

  • John T. McGregor (a1), Roy J. Smith (a1) and Ronald E. Talbert (a2)


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