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Application of Fluazifop-P, Haloxyfop, and Quizalofop by Sprinkler Irrigation

  • Charles B. Guy (a1), Ronald E. Talbert (a1), James A. Ferguson (a1), David H. Johnson (a1) and Marilyn R. McClelland (a1)...


In field studies, sprinkler irrigation application of the butyl ester of fluazifop-P, the methyl ester of haloxyfop, and the ethyl ester of quizalofop controlled large crabgrass as well as conventional spray applications. In greenhouse investigations, root uptake of the herbicides from sprinkler irrigation applications injured large crabgrass more than root uptake from conventional applications, but large crabgrass injury from shoot uptake was equal with sprinkler irrigation and conventional applications. Droplets with dilute concentrations of herbicide and crop oil, simulating sprinkler irrigation, were more active when applied to the whorl or second leaf than to the first leaf of large crabgrass. An increase in concentration of nonemulsified oil in the treatment solution increased herbicide deposition and retention.



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