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Acetolactate Synthase Gene Proline (197) Mutations Confer Tribenuron-Methyl Resistance in Flixweed (Descurainia sophia) Populations from China

  • Hai Lan Cui (a1), Chao Xian Zhang (a1), Shou Hui Wei (a1), Hong Jun Zhang (a2), Xiang Ju Li (a1), Yan Qiu Zhang (a2) and Gui Qi Wang (a3)...


The molecular basis of resistance to tribenuron-methyl, an acetolactate synthase (ALS)–inhibiting herbicide was investigated in four resistant (R) and three susceptible (S) flixweed populations. The resistance level in the R populations was assessed in whole-plant pot experiments in a greenhouse, and resistance indices ranged from 723 to 1422. The ALS genes of the three S populations and four R populations were cloned and sequenced, and the full coding sequence of the ALS gene of flixweed was 2,004 bp. The sequences of the ALS genes of the three S populations collected from Shaanxi, Gansu, and Tianjin were identical. Comparison of the ALS gene sequences of the S and R populations with Arabidopsis revealed that proline at position 197 of the ALS gene was substituted by leucine in R population SSX-2, by alanine in R population SSX-3, and by serine in R populations TJ-2 and GS-2. In another study of two R flixweed populations from Hebei and Shaanxi, resistance was also related to mutation at position 197 of the ALS gene. Both studies confirmed tribenuron-methyl resistance in flixweed in China, with the resistance mechanism being conferred by specific ALS point mutations at amino acid position 197.


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Acetolactate Synthase Gene Proline (197) Mutations Confer Tribenuron-Methyl Resistance in Flixweed (Descurainia sophia) Populations from China

  • Hai Lan Cui (a1), Chao Xian Zhang (a1), Shou Hui Wei (a1), Hong Jun Zhang (a2), Xiang Ju Li (a1), Yan Qiu Zhang (a2) and Gui Qi Wang (a3)...


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