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Establishing an experimental model of photodynamically induced anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

  • R.S. WANG (a1), P.L. LV (a2), W.J. WANG (a1), X.D. WANG (a3), X.J. ZHANG (a4), S.N. LI (a3), J.Z. WANG (a1) and Y.J. ZENG (a4)...


Numerous methods and drugs have been used to treat anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION); however, further investigations to determine the value of treatments for AION have been impeded by the lack of appropriate animal models of AION, significantly impacting on in-depth study of the disease. A rat model of AION was established, and corresponding functional changes of the fundus were observed using fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA), optical coherence tomography (OCT), and flash visual-evoked potential (F-VEP) in order to confirm the reliability of the AION model histopathologically. One day after model establishment, histopathology demonstrated that portions of the optic disc were highly edematous, with edema of nerve fibers and loose tissue, accompanied by displacement of the surrounding retina. At 23 days, the optic disc and surrounding nerve fiber layers had become thinner. None of the above-mentioned changes was observed in the laser, hematoporphyrin derivative (HPD), or naive groups. The results of fundus, FFA, F-VEP, and OCT—within 90 days after model establishment—confirmed that krypton red laser irradiation (647 nm), applied 2 h after HPD injection, can establish an ideal animal model of AION.


Corresponding author

*Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Y.J. Zeng, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100022, China. E-mail: or R.S. Wang, Department of Ophthalmology, Xi’an Fourth Hospital, Xi’an Institute of Ocular Fundus Diseases, Xi’an 710004, Shaanxi, China. E-mail:


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Establishing an experimental model of photodynamically induced anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

  • R.S. WANG (a1), P.L. LV (a2), W.J. WANG (a1), X.D. WANG (a3), X.J. ZHANG (a4), S.N. LI (a3), J.Z. WANG (a1) and Y.J. ZENG (a4)...


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