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TwinsMX: Uncovering the Basis of Health and Disease in the Mexican Population

  • Ana V. Leon-Apodaca (a1), Enrique Chiu-Han (a2), Ivett Ortega-Mora (a3), Talía V. Román-López (a3), Ulises Caballero-Sánchez (a3), Oscar Aldana-Assad (a1), Adrián I. Campos (a4) (a5), Gabriel Cuellar-Partida (a6), Alejandra E. Ruiz-Contreras (a3), Sarael Alcauter (a2), Miguel E. Rentería (a4) (a5) and Alejandra Medina-Rivera (a1)...


TwinsMX is a national twin registry in Mexico recently created with institutional support from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. It aims to serve as a platform to advance epidemiological and genetic research in the country and to disentangle the genetic and environmental contributions to health and disease in the admixed Mexican population. Here, we describe our recruitment and data collection strategies and discuss both the progress to date and future directions. More information about the registry is available on our website: (content in Spanish).


Corresponding author

Authors for correspondence: Alejandra Medina-Rivera, Email: and Miguel E. Rentería, Email:


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These authors contributed equally to this work.

These authors jointly led and supervised the project.



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TwinsMX: Uncovering the Basis of Health and Disease in the Mexican Population

  • Ana V. Leon-Apodaca (a1), Enrique Chiu-Han (a2), Ivett Ortega-Mora (a3), Talía V. Román-López (a3), Ulises Caballero-Sánchez (a3), Oscar Aldana-Assad (a1), Adrián I. Campos (a4) (a5), Gabriel Cuellar-Partida (a6), Alejandra E. Ruiz-Contreras (a3), Sarael Alcauter (a2), Miguel E. Rentería (a4) (a5) and Alejandra Medina-Rivera (a1)...


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