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The Beijing Twin Study (BeTwiSt): An Update

  • Dandan Bi (a1) (a2), Xinying Li (a1) (a2), Jie Chen (a1), Nengzhi Jiang (a1) (a2) and Jianxin Zhang (a1)...


The Beijing Twin Study (BeTwiSt), which was established in 2006, is an ongoing study aiming to investigate the genetic and environmental etiology of adolescent psychopathology. Resting-state brain imaging datasets have been examined for same-sex twins, and other psychological traits and emotional and behavioral variables have been examined for all twins. Based on the registry, the main findings regarding the etiological mechanism underlying adolescent development, magnetic resonance imaging results, and genetic and environmental influences on other psychological traits have been published. This article summarizes the key findings in these three areas and discusses future plans for the BeTwiSt.


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Author for correspondence: Xinying Li, Email:


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