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47. Cosmology

  • M. S. Longair


A major procedural advance in the determination of the H0 and Ω has been that the problem is now being attacked from many different points of view and to some extent the observations are converging on preferred values of H0 and Ω (Ω = density parameter = 8πGρ0/3H0 where ρ0 is the mean density of matter in the Universe and H0 is the Hubble constant; Ω = 2q0 where q0 is the deceleration parameter). The classical approaches through the redshift-magnitude relation for the most massive galaxies in clusters suggest a value of H0 = 60 km s-1 Mpc (see the review by Tammann in IAU Symp. 63).

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      47. Cosmology
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      47. Cosmology
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      47. Cosmology
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