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An Index of Scriptural References in the Homilies of Severian of Gabala

  • Robert E. Carter


During the twentieth century scholarly attention has turned increasingly to Severian of Gabala with new attributions, editions, and commentaries. Many researchers have contributed to this dramatic growth, but three in particular have been in the forefront: J. Zellinger with his Genesishomilien and Studien, H. D. Altendorf with his Untersuchungen, and S. J. Voicu with his many contributions culminating in his magisterial article on Severian in the Dictionnaire de spiritualité, We have reached the point where an index to Severian's scriptural references may be of considerable help to researchers in identifying homilies referred to in other homilies, in determining the authorship of homilies that might be attributed to Severian, and in gaining a better general understanding of Severian's thought and the tradition in which he worked.



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1 I am grateful to Judit Kecskeméti for extensive documentation on Severian, to Sever Voicu for information and helpful opinions in private correspondence, and to the reference librarians at Columbia University, The New York Public Library, and Union Theological Seminary.

The following abbreviations will be used:

Altendorf = Altendorf, Hans-Dietrich, “Untersuchungen zu Severian von Gabala” (diss. Tübingen, 1957)

Aucher = Aucher, J. B., SeverianiGabalorumhomiliae nunc primum editae (Venice, 1827)

CPG = Geerard, Mauritius, Clavis Patrum Graecorum 2: Ab Athanasio ad Chrysostomum (Turnhout, 1974) and Supplementum (Turnhout, 1998)

Cramer = Cramer, I. A., Catenae graecorum Patrum in N. T. 1 (Oxford, 1840), 3, and 8 (Oxford, 1844)

HPC = Uthemann, Karl-Heinz, Regtuit, Remco F., Tevel, Johannes M., Homiliae Pseudo-Chrysostomicae 1 (Turnhout, 1994)

Savile = Savile, Henry, S. Ioannis Chrysostomi opera graece (Eton, 1612–13)

Voicu = Voicu, Sever J., “Sévérien de Gabala,” Dictionnaire de spiritualité 14 (Paris, 1990), 752–63

Zellinger, , Genesishomilien = Zellinger, Johannes, Die Genesishomilien des Bischofs Severian von Gabala, Alttestamentliche Abhandlungen 7, 1 (Münster i. W., 1916)


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