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Subproblem approach for modeling multiply connected thin regions with an h-conformal magnetodynamic finite element formulation*

  • Vuong Quoc Dang (a1), Patrick Dular (a1) (a2), Ruth V. Sabariego (a1), Laurent Krähenbühl (a3) and Christophe Geuzaine (a1)...


A subproblem h-conformal eddy current finite element method is proposed for correcting the inaccuracies inherent to thin shell models. Such models replace volume thin regions by surfaces but neglect border effects in the vicinity of their edges and corners. The developed surface-to-volume correction problem is defined as a step of the multiple subproblems that can split a complete problem, consisting of inductors and magnetic or conducting regions, some of these being thin regions. The general case of multiply connected thin regions is considered.


Corresponding author


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Contribution to the Topical Issue “Numelec 2012”, Edited by Adel Razek.



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