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Selective emitters diffusion using an air belt furnace

  • A. Mouhoub (a1), B. Benyahia (a1) and Br. Mahmoudi (a1)


A new and simple process for the selective emitter realization was developed on multicrystalline silicon wafers. This material is in competition with single-crystal silicon since it is able to lead to similar performances with a reduction in the cost of solar cell realization. This work is centred on the study of emitter area of a photovoltaic cell and the possibilities to obtain a selective emitter in only one step while avoiding the use of chemicals. This would make substantial economies on the rejections treatment which became a capital environmental factor. A structure with selective emitter consists of a heavy doping under the metallic contacts, leaving weak the surface concentration between the grid lines. This allows a good surface passivation while keeping a good contact resistance for screen printed lines. The advantages of such a structure could be observed by quantum efficiency measurements yield where the benefit appears in the UV-VIS range of the solar spectrum.


Corresponding author


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Selective emitters diffusion using an air belt furnace

  • A. Mouhoub (a1), B. Benyahia (a1) and Br. Mahmoudi (a1)


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