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Optical generation of wide-band tunable millimetre-wave signals using PSRF

  • S. Khosroabadi (a1) and M. R. Salehi (a1)


Analysis of the optical generation of three bands of continuously tunable millimeter-wave signals using an optical phase modulator (OPM) and an optical notch filter is presented. Three bands of millimeter-wave signals are tuned by using an optical phase modulator and a polarization state rotation filter (PSRF) as optical notch filter. The effect of the chromatic dispersion on wide-band continuously tunable millimeter-wave signal which using an OPM and a PSRF is investigated. The spectrum of the generated millimeter-wave signal after transmission over a 25 km standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) is obtained.


Corresponding author


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Optical generation of wide-band tunable millimetre-wave signals using PSRF

  • S. Khosroabadi (a1) and M. R. Salehi (a1)


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