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Optical and structural properties of ZnS x Se1−x thin films deposited by thermal evaporation

  • M. Ashraf (a1), S. M.J. Akhtar (a1), M. Mehmood (a2) and A. Qayyum (a3)


The ZnS x Se $_{1-x}$ (0 x 1) films were deposited on soda lime glass substrates by thermal evaporation technique. Optical and structural properties of these films were compared with the ZnS x Se $_{1-x}$ films deposited by various other techniques. XRD measurement showed that ZnS x Se $_{1-x}$ films are polycrystalline in nature with the preferred orientation along [111]. It was observed that the lattice constant decreases and the optical energy band gap increases with the sulfur content of the film. These results are in good agreement with the properties of ZnS x Se $_{1-x}$ films deposited by various other methods. Additionally, it was observed that the refractive index of a ZnS x Se $_{1-x}$ film decreases with increasing sulfur content. The results reported in this paper suggest that the lattice constants, optical energy band gap and refractive index of ZnS x Se $_{1-x}$ film can be tailored for a specific application by selecting suitable value of x.


Corresponding author


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Optical and structural properties of ZnS x Se1−x thin films deposited by thermal evaporation

  • M. Ashraf (a1), S. M.J. Akhtar (a1), M. Mehmood (a2) and A. Qayyum (a3)


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