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Multi-band metamaterial absorber using cave-cross resonator

  • Y.Z. Cheng (a1), Y. Nie (a1), R.Z. Gong (a1) and H.L. Yang (a2)


Multi-band metamaterial absorber (MA) was proposed at the microwave frequency ranges, which were composed of cave-cross resonator (CCR) with different geometric dimensions, dielectric substrate and continuous metal film. Microwave experiments demonstrated the maximum absorptivity of single CCR structure to be about 99% around 9 GHz. Numerical simulations confirm that the MA could achieve very high absorptivity at wide angles of incidence for both transverse electric (TE) wave and transverse magnetic (TM) wave. Importantly, numerical simulations demonstrate that the MA could achieve perfect multi-band absorption by assembling the multi-CCR structure with different geometric parameters in a coplanar.


Corresponding author


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