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Microwave conductivity measurements of high conductive polyaniline films

  • H. Rmili (a1) (a2), J.-L. Miane (a1), H. Zangar (a2) and T. E. Olinga (a3)


This paper presents several techniques for determining the complex conductivity of highly electrically conducting polymer films at microwave frequencies. The advantages and disadvantages of these techniques are discussed. Microwave measurements were investigated using resonant cavity, reflection/transmission and impedance surface techniques. The dc conductivity was measured using the four wires technique. Polyaniline (Pani/DEHEPSA) films of 120  $\mu $ m thickness, have conductivity of (5000-6000 S/m) and permittivity of $6000 \pm 1000$ over X and S bands. The high values of the measured conductivity and its weak dependence on frequency at least up to 12 GHz, confirm the metallic character of Pani-films and their efficient use in micro-electronic technology such as microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) and microwave devices.


Corresponding author


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Microwave conductivity measurements of high conductive polyaniline films

  • H. Rmili (a1) (a2), J.-L. Miane (a1), H. Zangar (a2) and T. E. Olinga (a3)


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