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Mechanism of surface modifications on a NiTi alloy treated with low energy high current pulsed electron beam

  • J. X. Zou (a1) (a2), T. Grosdidier (a1), K. M. Zhang (a1), C. Dong (a2) and S. Weber (a3)...


A NiTi shape memory alloy was subjected to low energy high current pulsed electron beam (LEHCPEB) irradiation. The samples were treated with the same electron beam parameters and increasing number of pulses. The treatment induces superfast melting, evaporation and rapid solidification at the top surface. As a result of selective evaporation of Ni, the Ti content was increased in the melted layer of the 5 pulse treated sample. However, for the 10 pulsed sample, a part of the vapor condensed on the surface. It is shown also that in the sub-surface, below the melted layer, the martensitic transformation was triggered due to the effects of the thermal stresses and shock waves propagating in the material.


Corresponding author


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