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Measurements of quenching rate coefficients of YO molecule in A2 Π 1/2, A2 Π 3/2, and B2 Σ + states by helium, argon and oxygen from a solar induced fluorescence technique

  • J. M. Badie (a1), L. Cassan (a1) and B. Granier (a1)


We measured in function of helium, argon, and oxygen gas pressure, the evolution of the intensities of the fluorescence spectra of YO molecule issuing from a liquid drop of yttrium oxide melted at the focus of a solar furnace. From this evolution and in a simplified approach assuming the independency of the three molecular systems of YO (A2 Π 1/2-X2 Σ +, A2 Π 3/2-X2 Σ +, B2 Σ +-X2 Σ +) we deduced, through the analysis of Stern-Volmer plots, a mean quenching rate coefficients of this molecule in these states by the above mentioned gases.


Corresponding author


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