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Giant magnetoimpedance effect in a coil with magnetic core and its application in current monitoring

  • X. F. Rong (a1), N. Zhang (a1) and W. L. Ke (a2)


The behavior of a coil with ferrite core applied with an ac current and under a magnetic field has been investigated. The field-induced changes of both inductance and impedance have been observed. Based on this, a device for electric current monitoring with the coil has been developed. The result has shown that such a device is very sensitive and high efficiency, and convenient to use in the field of power transmission and management.


Corresponding author


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Giant magnetoimpedance effect in a coil with magnetic core and its application in current monitoring

  • X. F. Rong (a1), N. Zhang (a1) and W. L. Ke (a2)


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