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Charge transport limited by grain boundaries in polycrystalline octithiophene thin film transistors

  • R. Bourguiga (a1) (a2), G. Horowitz (a3), F. Garnier (a3), R. Hajlaoui (a3), S. Jemai (a2) and H. Bouchriha (a2)...


Organic filed-effect transistor (OFETs) based on polycrystalline “octithiophene” has been realized. The current-voltage characteristics at low drain voltage has been used to derive the mobility of organic field effects transistors (OFETs). It appears that the data must be corrected for the substantial source and drain contact resistance. The carrier mobility is found to increase quasi linearly with gate voltage at room temperature. The temperature dependent measurements show that the mobility is thermally activated and becomes practically temperature independent at low temperatures. A model based on trapping mechanism, in which it is assumed that charge transport is limited by grain boundaries, has been used to describe the carrier mobility in polycrystalline “octithiophene” thin film transistors measured at temperatures ranging from 10 K to 300 K.


Corresponding author


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Charge transport limited by grain boundaries in polycrystalline octithiophene thin film transistors

  • R. Bourguiga (a1) (a2), G. Horowitz (a3), F. Garnier (a3), R. Hajlaoui (a3), S. Jemai (a2) and H. Bouchriha (a2)...


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