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The characterization and properties of InN grown by MOCVD

  • S.-G. Dong (a1) (a2), G.-H. Fan (a1) and Y.-C. Shuai (a1)


The characterization and properties of InN thin films grown on GaN templates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) at various growth temperatures were investigated. Their carrier concentrations ranged from 4.6 × 1018 to 4 × 1019 cm−3and mobility valued from 150 to 1300 cm2/V s. The variation of the growth temperature brought about different growth rates. It was also found that growth rate is increased with the increasing growth temperature and reached 470 nm/h for the InN epitaxial layer grown at 675 °C. The surface roughness of InN layers was obtained from AFM measurement. The structural quality of the InN layers was determined by TEM. The surface and cross-sectional morphologies of these films are evaluated by SEM. The layer crystalline quality was investigated by means of X-ray diffraction in the rocking curves. Photoluminescence measurements performed at 7 K and room temperature gave emission peaks at around 0.7 eV.


Corresponding author


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The characterization and properties of InN grown by MOCVD

  • S.-G. Dong (a1) (a2), G.-H. Fan (a1) and Y.-C. Shuai (a1)


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