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Analysis of positive corona in wire-to-plate electrostatic precipitator

  • H. Nouri (a1) and Y. Zebboudj (a1)


This paper analyses corona discharge in ambient air flow associated with laboratory-scaled wire-to-plate electrostatic precipitator (WPESP). The corona discharge is analysed by a combined iterative computational technique based on the finite element method (FEM) and charge simulation method (CSM). The phenomenon is mathematically described by Maxwell's equations in differential form. A finite element method is used to solve the Poisson's equation and the charge simulation method is used to satisfy the current continuity condition. Measurement method of the positive dc corona current density and electric field, taking into account the air flow velocity, has been introduced. The computed results are compared with experimental results to test the effectiveness of this approach.


Corresponding author


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Analysis of positive corona in wire-to-plate electrostatic precipitator

  • H. Nouri (a1) and Y. Zebboudj (a1)


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