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Analysis and design of a coreless permanent-magnet machine considering the winding shape by using a lumped equivalent magnetic circuit model

  • Jung-Moo Seo (a1) (a2), In-Soung Jung (a1), Hyun-Kyo Jung (a1) and Jong-Suk Ro (a3)


A simple and rapid analysis and design method is proposed for a coreless permanent magnet machine (CPMM) using a hexagonal winding (HW). The HW, which combines a rectangular winding (RTW) and rhombic winding (RBW), can compensate for the disadvantages and maximize the advantages of the RTW and RBW. The CPMM is typically analyzed using complex differential equations or a timeconsuming finite element analysis (FEA). To address this problem, a relatively simpler and less timeconsuming analysis method is proposed by using a lumped equivalent magnetic circuit (LEMC) model. Furthermore, an effect of winding angle on a motor performance is analyzed via precise inspection of the relationship between the variables of the HW and the characteristics of motor. The validity and usefulness of the proposed method are verified via FEA and experiment.


Corresponding author


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