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Tiapride in the Prevention of Relapse in Recently Detoxified Alcoholics

  • G. K. Shaw (a1), S. Waller (a1), S. K. Majumdar (a1), J. L. Alberts (a2), C. J. Latham (a3) and G. Dunn (a4)...



The aim was to investigate the effect of tiapride (100 mg three times a day for at least one month) on outcome following detoxification.


The setting was a tertiary referral centre. The study design was randomised, double-blind, and placebo-controlled. One hundred routinely admitted alcohol-dependent patients were entered, and 54 completed the trial. Outcome was assessed by considering drinking status at three months and six months follow-up, and by comparing psychological status at intake and follow-up using the Crown-Crisp Experiential Index, the Litman Self-esteem scale and a Satisfaction with Life Situations scale. We also compared performance over the six months before admission with the three and six months of follow-up on measures of health, social and drinking variables.


Tiapride proved better (usually at statistically highly significant levels) than placebo at promoting: abstinence, self-esteem, and satisfaction with life situations; and at reducing: alcohol consumption, use of health service resources, and levels of neuroticism.


Tiapride merits serious consideration in the longer-term treatment of alcoholic patients.


Corresponding author

G. K. Shaw, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Bexley Hospital, Old Bexley Lane, Bexley, Kent DA5 2BW


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Tiapride in the Prevention of Relapse in Recently Detoxified Alcoholics

  • G. K. Shaw (a1), S. Waller (a1), S. K. Majumdar (a1), J. L. Alberts (a2), C. J. Latham (a3) and G. Dunn (a4)...


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Tiapride in the Prevention of Relapse in Recently Detoxified Alcoholics

  • G. K. Shaw (a1), S. Waller (a1), S. K. Majumdar (a1), J. L. Alberts (a2), C. J. Latham (a3) and G. Dunn (a4)...
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