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Stereotactic Limbic Leucotomy: Neurophysiological Aspects and Operative Technique

  • Desmond Kelly (a1), Alan Richardson (a1) and Nita Mitchell-Heggs (a1)


Psychosurgery has always been, and is likely to remain, a controversial subject. Blind operations lack precision and can lead to adverse personality changes or other serious side-effects. Open surgery is becoming less acceptable because of the difficulties of accurately assessing the extent of a lesion and its exact location. The introduction of stereotactic techniques enables far smaller lesions to be placed with a high degree of accuracy, and increased knowledge of the limbic system has contributed to advances in this field.



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Stereotactic Limbic Leucotomy: Neurophysiological Aspects and Operative Technique

  • Desmond Kelly (a1), Alan Richardson (a1) and Nita Mitchell-Heggs (a1)
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