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Social Factors and Affective Disorder: An Investigation of Brown and Harris's Model

  • Elizabeth A. Campbell (a1), Susan J. Cope (a1) and John D. Teasdale (a1)


The aetiological model proposed by Brown and Harris was examined in a sample of 110 working class women with children in Oxford. Using the same methodology as Brown and Harris, the role of provoking agents in the onset of affective disorder was found to be very similar to that which they originally described. Lack of an intimate relationship with a husband or boyfriend was found to act as a vulnerability factor, increasing the risk of psychiatric disorder in the face of a provoking agent. There was a trend for women with three or more children aged 14 or under to have an increased vulnerability. However, unemployment was not found to be a vulnerability factor. These results provide general support for Brown and Harris's causal model.



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Social Factors and Affective Disorder: An Investigation of Brown and Harris's Model

  • Elizabeth A. Campbell (a1), Susan J. Cope (a1) and John D. Teasdale (a1)


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Social Factors and Affective Disorder: An Investigation of Brown and Harris's Model

  • Elizabeth A. Campbell (a1), Susan J. Cope (a1) and John D. Teasdale (a1)
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