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Psychiatric Aspects of Liver Disease

  • Ian Collis (a1) and Geoffrey Lloyd (a1)


This paper reviews the literature on the effects of liver disease on mental health, a topic which has been relatively neglected in the recent psychiatric literature. It discusses both the encephalopathy which may be associated with liver disease of almost any type and the psychological consequences of specific liver disorders. Also considered are the effects of liver disease on sexual function; the relationship between alcohol and hepatic disorder in causing mental disturbance; the effects of childhood liver disease; psychiatric aspects of liver transplantation; and the use of psychotropic drugs in patients with hepatic dysfunction.


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Psychiatric Aspects of Liver Disease

  • Ian Collis (a1) and Geoffrey Lloyd (a1)


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Psychiatric Aspects of Liver Disease

  • Ian Collis (a1) and Geoffrey Lloyd (a1)
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