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Minaprine in Depression: A Controlled Trial with Amitriptyline

  • David Wheatley (a1)


Minaprine (200 mg daily, either once or divided b.d.) was compared with amitriptyline (25–50 mg t.d.s.) over six weeks in 144 patients with major depression. Significant reductions in HRSD scores at the end of six weeks' treatment were recorded with both dose regimes of minaprine and with amitriptyline, with no significant differences between them. There was a significantly greater incidence of drowsiness and dry mouth with amitriptyline than with minaprine.



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Minaprine in Depression: A Controlled Trial with Amitriptyline

  • David Wheatley (a1)


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Minaprine in Depression: A Controlled Trial with Amitriptyline

  • David Wheatley (a1)
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