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A Double-Blind Gluten-Free/Gluten-Load Controlled Trial in a Secure Ward Population

  • Dimitrios N. Vlissides (a1), Andrzej Venulet (a2) and Frederick A. Jenner (a3)


A double-blind control trial of gluten-free versus a gluten-containing diet was carried out in a ward of maximum security hospital: 24 patients were studied for 14 weeks. Most suffered from psychotic disorders, particularly schizophrenia. Various dimensions of behaviour were rated on the Psychotic In-Patient profile (PIP) at different stages. There were beneficial changes in the whole group of patients between pre-trial and gluten-free period in five dimensions of the PIP, maintained during the gluten challenge period; these changes could be attributed to the attention the patients received. Two patients improved during the gluten-free period and relapsed when the gluten diet was reintroduced.


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A Double-Blind Gluten-Free/Gluten-Load Controlled Trial in a Secure Ward Population

  • Dimitrios N. Vlissides (a1), Andrzej Venulet (a2) and Frederick A. Jenner (a3)
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